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1 Race Car, 4 Horsemen, and 24 Hours at Le Mans

Making the podium, let alone winning, at the 24 Hours at Le Mans is the pinnacle of every endurance race team’s career. Many try, only few succeed. Well, we are proud to share that our 4 Horsemen Racing team, driven by our own client and racecar driver extraordinaire Ben Keating and sponsored by Max Connect, has accomplished this feat. Just last week, the 4 Horsemen team took first place at the most iconic competition in auto racing. 

“To be a step higher on the podium is really special… We had the perfect race,” says Keating.

4 Horsemen Racing is where the rubber hits the road for Max Connect, literally. Established as both a passion project and a proof-of-concept, 4 Horsemen is our after-market performance parts brand set in a competitive ecommerce space with one objective—winning. 

Not only has 4 Horsemen become a top ecommerce brand, but has also spun into a racing endeavor. Max Connect sponsors the 4 Horsemen racing team that competes in various endurance circuits across the US and Europe including The 24 Hours at Daytona and of course, the 24 Hours at Le Mans.

Having raced at Le Mans on multiple occasions (and making the podium in 2021 with a second place finish), Keating utilized experience over luck in this race to secure his podium finish. 

Similarly, 4 Horsemen didn’t get lucky in rising to the top. Our unique approach to digital marketing and performance media is the only explanation for why 4 Horsemen has succeeded against all odds. Our proprietary business intelligence software, Kudos, has enabled 4 Horsemen to be immensely granular with targeting high-converting customers.

Thanks to our digital experts, and the passion they share for proving the impossible, 4 Horsemen Racing has become a household name in the after-market performance parts industry.