Our digital team optimizes campaigns that are underperforming and pushes the best campaigns to do better.

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By combining real-time consumer data sets with personalized and dynamic ads, we consistently outperform industry standards and maximize your marketing spend.

Display Ads

Your Brand in the Spotlight

We create purchase intent for your products or services by utilizing consumer data to place your Display Ads in front of relevant audiences that are most likely to convert. No marketing dollar is wasted - which allows our campaigns to have a higher return rate when compared to the industry average.

Claim Consumer Mindshare

Our display Ads will help your brand connect with a wealth of new customers because they drive awareness and consideration to your offerings. When customers are ready to convert, they will remember your brand and come searching for you.

Paid Search

Attract High-Converting Traffic

We attract ready-to-convert customers to your website by placing intent-based keyword search ads on Google. This allows your brand to capture customers who are self-motivated to learn more about your products or services.

Override the Competition

We research keywords that consumers are using to find your competitors and then bid on those search terms to highlight your brand above competitors. This effectively re-directs your competitors’ customers to your site and allows your brand to make counteroffers against the competition.

Malibu Parts

Case Study

From small beginnings to explosive growth, Max Connect helped Malibu Parts grow their revenue to nearly $1M in 2021 with sales on track to triple by the end of 2022. This was accomplished with an omni-channel approach guided by deep insights from our buisness intelligence software, Kudos.


Sales Growth in 2021


Revenue YoY 2021 to 2022 Compared

Paid Social

Amplify Your Reach

Our paid social ads not only support your organic presence on social media, but they also guarantee your brand a place in high-converting user feeds. We hyper-target individuals with personalized messaging to achieve higher clickthrough rates and drive quality traffic to your website.

Real-Time Optimizations

We never settle for “good” performance - that’s why we push even the best campaigns to do better. We will actively test different creative and messaging to find the ads that resonate most with your target market.


Influence the Customer Journey

Re-engage with your customers by delivering dynamic ads to them, specific to the exact product(s) they viewed on your website. These tailored ad experiences re-spark interest in your offerings and guide customers to a final purchase decision.

Automated Lead Nurturing

We aim to equip re-targeting ads with a compelling offer or messaging that is relevant to the exact stage of the customer journey. The type of ad that the customer receives will dynamically vary depending on their needs for advancing to the next step within their journey to purchase.

Holmes Homes

Case Study

In partnership with Max Connect, Holmes Homes was able to transform one of their slowest-selling communities into their fastest-selling in a matter of just a couple months. With the help of native advertising and a geo-targeted omni-channel approach, Holmes Homes sold 12 homes within the first 2 months of campaign launch.


Homes Sold Within First 2 Months


Website Traffic and On-Site Engagement

Video Advertising

Pre-Roll Ads

With 40% of people saying they purchase peoducts they discover on YouTube, we understand the immense value of helping your brand employ information-rich Pre-Roll Ads. When paired with ultra-precise targeting, Pre-Roll Ads become invaluable for generating new leads.

Over The Top Media (OTT)

Unlike Traditional TV Advertising, video ads placed on OTT platforms like Roku and Hulu afford opportunities for the consumer to engage with the ad and advance their journey to purchase. With OTT ads, your brand personality is placed front-and-center to forge connection with new customers.

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Hard Work Pays Off

We pride ourselves with having the best digital experts in the industry. Our awards are evidence of a high-quality work that we are dedicated to producing.