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Our digital team optimizes campaigns that are underperforming and pushes the best campaigns to do better. By combining real-time consumer data sets with personalized and dynamic ads, we consistently outperform industry standards and maximize your marketing spend.

  • 1 Display

    Drive Awareness. Get results.

    We create purchase intent for your products or services by using Display Ads to increase awareness and drive consideration. Through consumer profiling, we place your brand and advertising messages in front of relevant audiences that are most likely to have an interest in your product or service. This allows us to quickly move customers through the marketing funnel so that they are primed to make an inquiry or purchase.

    Campaign Optimization

    Max Connect can optimize your Display campaign through A/B split testing. By running two variations of the same ad, we can view which ad is performing better in real-time This allows us to place your marketing spend in the best performing ads.

  • 2 Paid Search

    Connect with Audiences

    Our comprehensive search marketing strategy aims to draw in audiences from intent-based keyword search. Utilizing Google Ads, we can hyper-target individuals who are already wanting to learn more about a product or service your brand may offer. This results in a cost-effective method for building awareness and driving traffic to your website.

    Conquest Your Competitors

    We research keywords that consumers are using to find your competitors and then bid on those search terms to highlight your brand above competitors. This allows your brand to capture new leads and drive sales.

  • 3 Paid Social

    Amplify Your Reach

    We use paid social ads to support your organic presence on social media and guarantee your brand a place in user feeds. Paid social amplifies the reach of your brand, allowing you to increase customer retention rates and drive high-quality traffic to your website.

    High Conversion Rates

    Using audience segmentation, we ensure that your ads are placed in front of customers who are most likely to convert. We are meticulous in crafting messages that resonate with your target market so that your brand can effectively engage with and find new customers.

  • 4 Dynamic Remarketing

    Persistent Engagement. Consistent Results

    Re-engage with your customers by delivering dynamic ads to them, specific to the exact product(s) they viewed on your website across display, social, and content networks. This tailored ad experience allows us to bring customers back to your website and help them make final purchase decisions.

  • 5 Video Advertising

    Pre-Roll Ads

    When paired with ultra-precise targeting, video advertising becomes a highly effective tool for helping customers experience your brand. We use platforms like YouTube Pre-Roll Ads to connect your brand with the right audiences and showcase brand personality. This allows for increased awareness, ad recall, and purchase consideration.

    Over The Top Media (OTT)

    With streaming services increasing in popularity year over year, we can expose your brand to large audiences with OTT video ads. It works without the need for third-party cookies and the ads have higher than average completion rates.


We Have The Proof

Sportsman's Warehouse

Case Study

In just a few months, Max Connect helped Sportsman's increase their social following by 64% and delivered a consistent 7:1 ROAS on paid social efforts driving increased revenue from social commerce.


ROAS on Paid Social


New Followers in 4 months

Silver Crossover Vehicle Driving

Arrowhead Luxury Plaza

Case Study

Arrowhead Luxury Plaza is an automotive dealership group that deals only in high-end car brands. The BMW location has consistently paced at 80 cars sold for 24 months. In February of 2021, Max Connect was hired to run point on all marketing efforts, resulting in dramatic growth.


Vehicles Sold in First 30 Days


Performance Increase


Annual Revenue

Arrowhead BMW
Arrowhead BMW

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