Dynamic Remarketing

At Max Connect Digital, we understand the power of dynamic remarketing. It’s the engine that fuels the connection between potential customers and the products they love, turning simple interactions into successful conversions. When you choose to create a dynamic remarketing campaign through Google Ads, you’re not just recapturing attention; you’re enhancing the shopping experience and maximizing your e-commerce potential.

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What is Dynamic Remarketing?

Dynamic Remarketing is the next level of targeted advertising that goes beyond the standard "one-size-fits-all" approach. It allows you to show potential customers specific products or services they viewed on your website through tailored ads across their digital journey. These ads are dynamically created and populated with the products or content that’s most likely to appeal to each individual, based on their past interactions with your website.

Why Dynamic Remarketing is a Smart Choice

Scalable Advertising with Your Inventory

Dynamic remarketing takes your e-commerce strategy to the next level by integrating your full product range into responsive display ads. These ads are not just static; they're designed to dynamically showcase your entire inventory, adapting in real-time to feature products that are relevant to your potential customers' interests. With Google Ads at the helm, your display ads become a powerful tool, dynamically remarketing to users based on the products they viewed on your product page, even if they didn't add anything to their shopping cart.

Streamlined Yet Robust Product Feeds

Setting up dynamic remarketing is made hassle-free with the ability to upload your product data through various formats such as .csv, .tsv, .xls, or .xlsx into the Google Merchant Center. Once your product feed is synchronized with your Google Ads account, the platform's sophisticated algorithms take over, selecting specific products to feature in your ads. These selections are not random; they're based on the shopping behavior and interests shown by each website visitor, leveraging insights to ensure that the product id displayed is something that the user is genuinely interested in.

Optimized Ad Layouts for High Engagement

Google Ads harnesses the power of predictive analytics to optimize ad layouts, ensuring they strike a chord with your audience. Whether it's through the Google Display Network, search ads, or shopping campaigns, dynamic remarketing ads are optimized for format and design to capture the attention of users, whether they're on a desktop or using a mobile app. This level of optimization extends to the shopping experience, right down to the specific product showcased, making each interaction as personalized as it can get.

Adaptive Bidding for Maximum Impact

With the optimization tools available in your Google Ads account, such as Enhanced CPC (Cost Per Click) and Conversion Optimizer, bids for your dynamic remarketing campaign are automatically adjusted in real-time. This ensures that your investment is directed toward clicks that are most likely to convert, enhancing your conversion rate without wasting ad spend. By targeting users who have already shown interest in your product feed or have specific demographics that align with your business type, dynamic remarketing places your products back in view, increasing the chances of turning browsers into buyers.

Larry H. Miller Toyota

Case Study

Max Connect helped Larry H. Miller Toyota sell their surplus of RAV4’s by promoting an attractive lease rate with an omni-channel approach. This resulted in a 37% increase of VDP’s viewed for RAV4 models and a 137% increase in monthly sales of the RAV4.


Increase in RAV4 Monthly Sales


Increase in VDP’s Viewed for RAV4

The Max Connect Digital Advantage

Seamless Setup, Superior Optimization

From the shared library in your Google Ads account to the dynamic remarketing tag placed on your website, we handle every detail of the setup process. Your campaign benefits from real-time bid optimization to ensure that each ad is not just seen but also has the highest chance of being acted upon.

Data-Driven Personalization

We harness the power of data to create personalized ads, every message. Your customers will see ads that feel like they were crafted just for them, making your brand’s communication more effective and personal. Understanding that each business has unique needs, we offer a step-by-step approach to tailor your dynamic remarketing campaign. We utilize custom parameters like product ID and demographics to refine audience targeting.

Seamless Shopping Experience

By continuing the conversation beyond your website, we create a seamless path back to your site. Our ads are designed to provide a natural extension of the shopping experience, leading to higher conversion rates.

Cross-Platform Engagement

It's not just about being on one platform. With dynamic remarketing ads, we extend the reach of your brand to the mobile app space and across the vast Google Display Network, ensuring that wherever your audience goes, your product ads follow, creating a cohesive retargeting strategy that increases brand awareness and conversion rates.

Behavioral Marketing Insights

Understanding and anticipating customer needs are at the core of our strategy. By analyzing user interactions, we fine-tune our Dynamic Remarketing campaigns to be as relevant and engaging as possible.

Conversion-Driven Strategies

We meticulously tailor our strategies to encourage users to move from 'just browsing' to 'purchasing'. By reminding them of their previously viewed products with enticing offers and information, we help increase the likelihood of them completing a purchase.

Insightful Performance Analytics

Our reports dive deep into the performance metrics, providing you with insightful data that help refine strategies and enhance your return on investment (ROI).

Murdock Hyundai

Case Study

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Max Connect transformed Murdock Hyundai’s inventory into a virtual showroom that offered all the same benefits of an in-person dealership. After deploying highly-targeted ads, Murdock Hyundai became the second highest selling Hyundai Dealership in the nation and experienced their bestselling months between April and July of 2020.


Highest Selling Hyundai Dealership in the Nation


Highest Selling Months Between April and June 2020.

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