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Tackling everything from landing pages, emails, and full-scale custom websites.

We know web development


Our development team leverages the latest technology to help you maximize your online presence through website performance and conversion optimization.


Leave the Right Impression

The website experience breathes life into your brand personality and largely influences the outcome of your customers journey. We will provide your website visitors a memorable first impression by cultivating a theme that is informative, engaging, and responsive.

Seamless User Experience

We design websites that clearly define purpose and showcase the unique selling proposition of your brand. Our website designs are simple, easy-to-navigate, and include creative touches that invoke interest in your offerings.


A Mobile-First Approach

Mobile traffic accounts for over half of all website traffic, with a majority of consumers preferring mobile over desktop for their online activities. Our “mobile-first” approach in web design ensures that your content is easily digestible and optimized for conversion.

Improve Your Organic Ranking

A well optimized mobile experience also reduces bounce rate and improves organic ranking in search results. In the long-term, this translates into more customers for your business as your website is more easily discoverable and viewable.

Murdock Hyundai

Case Study

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Max Connect transformed Murdock Hyundai’s inventory into a virtual showroom that offered all the same benefits of an in-person dealership. After deploying highly-targeted ads, Murdock Hyundai became the second highest selling Hyundai Dealership in the nation and experienced their bestselling months between April and July of 2020.


Highest Selling Hyundai Dealership in the Nation


Highest Selling Months Between April and June 2020.


Relevant and Consistent

We structure landing pages with consideration of the information that is most relevant to the consumer. We ensure that there is a consistent feel between the ads, landing page, and messaging to decrease bounce rates and increase time on page.

Optimized For Conversion

Having engaging content and a clear call-to-action are instrumental for leading customers down a path of conversion. We maximize your lead capture by directing user attention to information that will most likely guide them to purchase.


Easy Access to Data

Our team will help create custom data integrations to ensure that you have ease of access to customer information or website performance metrics.

You’re In Good Hands

We value our client experience. Whether it’s a CRM integration or connecting two services, we will help simplify custom data integrations for a quick onboarding experience.

Ken Garff West Valley

Case Study

Ken Garff West Valley partnered with Max Connect to compete against their digitally-robust competitors. After launching a conquest campaign that re-directed competitors’ customers, website traffic doubled and Ken Garff West Valley became the top-selling dealership in Utah.


Increase In Total Website Traffic


Increase in Organic and Direct Traffic


Volume Dealership in Utah

More Than Just Insights

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Hard Work Pays Off

We pride ourselves with having the best digital experts in the industry. Our awards are evidence of a high-quality work that we are dedicated to producing.