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Healthcare Approach

Our Healthcare Strategy

As a Premier Google Partner specializing in healthcare marketing, we deliver expertly managed services that provide maximum return on digital budgets. We use Kudos, our real-time intent technology platform, to reveal invaluable insights about your target market and optimize campaign performance so that your brand remains competitive in the healthcare landscape. By centering campaigns on patient acquisition and current patient reactivation, we can help your brand reach new heights.

Competitive Intelligence

Max Connect scans for opportunities to improve and advance digital efforts by using various tools to continually evaluate the competitive landscape of healthcare. The marketing intelligence we gather will be invaluable for making your campaigns more effective.

Holistic Approach

We guide patients to your brand with careful execution of digital strategies for every stage of the patient journey. By utilizing display ads to drive awareness, paid social to prompt consideration, and paid search to generate conversions, we can help your brand achieve an inflow of new loyal patients.

Custom Audiences

We ensure that your ads are being placed in front of relevant audiences to maximize your marketing spend and eliminate waste. Our campaigns are always structured around custom target audiences built from intent-based keyword search and consumer profiling.

Consumer Trust

Building a brand image that is perceived as both safe and trustworthy is critical for any healthcare business. Our creative and digital services will develop messaging strategies that will help your business to secure and maintain positioning as a highly reputable brand.

Integris Health

Case Study

After a pilot program period from Nov. 2020 through Jun. 2021, we helped Integris Health connect with more patients while spending less overall budget. In comparison to competitors, Max Connect was able to deliver significantly more goal conversions while also maintaining 50% better bounce rate and 92% better average session duration.


Better Bounce Rate


Better Avg. Session Duration

Hyper-Targeting Your Audience

Our Healthcare Solutions

By using a true omni-channel approach, your digital marketing can provide a seamless experience to your customers.

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