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Max Connect is redefining marketing strategies and disrupting how our clients view performance media. We have become the go-to agency for consumer behavior, thanks to our tech-enabled services approach. This allows us to overdeliver and outperform our competitors.

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Kudos is our Proprietary Audience and Attribution Platform. It identifies target audiences based on real-time in-market data, demographics, and psychographics. It then places hyper-targeted ads in front of those individuals with high frequency using a combination of digital channels. Kudos can intelligently surface insights around your ideal customer profile and the best channel mix based on customer interactions with your website.

This allows our digital team and clients know in real-time which creative and promotional offers are driving business outcomes. Utilizing our proprietary performance algorithm called the Kudos Index, our clients can see how their performance compares to their peers in real-time. Furthermore, our Kudos Index algorithm has predictive modeling built in to forecast campaign performance which allows our clients to adjust and improve the campaign before any additional marketing dollars are spent. Pretty cool, huh?

Data Technology Made For Growth Acceleration

Kudos anonymously tracks the customer journey, providing live updates on their conversion events. After logging into the platform, clients can see panels of these anonymized customers who have visited their site. Information such as conversion events, total time spent on the website, and touchpoints are all recorded and easily viewable within a customer profile.

Each touchpoint is mapped to show customers’ journeys through a sequential period of time. For example, if a consumer is looking to buy a new car, their customer profile may show fifteen various touchpoints over the course of a month. These touchpoints may include form submissions, phone calls, vehicle detail page searches, and Max Connect Display ads.

The Kudos platform reveals detailed insights on the conversion events of consumers. For example, if a touchpoint shows that a consumer landed on your website through a Max Connect paid search ad, you can click on this touchpoint to discover the exact keywords they used in their search. You may discover that they used keywords to search up your competitor, but instead landed on your website because of our highly effective conquesting strategy.

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