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Areas of Focus

Struggling with website conversions? We get it. Let's make your ad dollars work harder. Our optimization team uses qualitative and quantitative data to help increase the number of visitors that convert online. Higher conversion rates mean more revenue for your business, allowing you to grow and achieve your goals faster than before.

  • 1 Quantitative Data
    AB Testing

    Solutions from the Data

    By analyzing data from Google Analytics, we can identify where your marketing funnel is struggling and establish plans for improving website bounce rate, audience segmentation, and conversions

    A/B Split Testing

    With two iterations of content being tested simultaneously, we can understand which content resonates the most with target audiences in real-time. This allows us to improve user engagement during the development of a digital campaign.

  • 2 Qualitative Data

    Web Page Heatmaps

    Heatmaps illustrate how website visitors are interacting with your pages. By analyzing accumulative user behavior, our team can discover actionable insights for optimizing website performance.

    Session Recording Data

    We are able to record the browsing sessions of website visitors in real-time. This allows us to closely analyze their browsing behavior to better understand patterns that lead to conversion.

  • 3 Landing Page Development

    We love brand marketing, but direct response runs in our veins.

    We craft landing pages with engaging copy and visual elements to provide clarity, education, and persuasion. Every element is aimed at one thing—more conversions. If you have landing pages in circulation, we can use quantitative and qualitative data to audit the current experience and introduce new variations for testing and performance optimization.

  • 4 Email Marketing

    Marketing doesn't end after the initial conversion.

    With email marketing, we can create highly personalized messaging to build meaningful relationships with your leads. This allows us to turn leads into clients and customers into loyal advocates so that your business continues to generate revenue.

    An impactful difference

    Compared to other digital channels, email marketing can generate the highest return of investment when done right. This is because it is the most cost effective method while remaining impactful due to the personalization features embedded within the channel.


We Have The Proof

Sportsman's Warehouse

Case Study

In just a few months, Max Connect helped Sportsman's increase their social following by 64% and delivered a consistent 6:1 ROAS on paid social efforts driving increased revenue from social commerce.


ROAS on Paid Social


New Followers in 4 months

Silver Crossover Vehicle Driving

Arrowhead Luxury Plaza

Case Study

Arrowhead Luxury Plaza is an automotive dealership group that deals only in high-end car brands. The BMW location has consistently paced at 80 cars sold for 24 months. In February of 2021, Max Connect was hired to run point on all marketing efforts, resulting in dramatic growth.

Vehicles Sold in First 30 Days


Performance Increase


Annual Revenue

Arrowhead BMW
Arrowhead BMW

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