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Retail & Ecommerce



As a Premier Google Partner specializing in Retail & Ecommerce, we have elevated many online stores to new heights of engagement and sales. Our aim is to position your brand in a digital spotlight that both builds long-term awareness and drives bottom-line objectives.

Showcase Brand Personality

Your brand identity is best showcased via unique and compelling creative that attracts engagement from the target audience. Our creative is always centered on guiding the customer journey experience at every stage of the cycle.

Customer Centricity Matters

We obsess over the user experience by analyzing data that helps us make smart optimizations on your website. We help customers find value in your offerings so that every interaction builds a new layer of consideration. After your customer makes a purchase, we continue to nurture their journey with relevant offers to create new brand loyalists.

Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Your niche is likely saturated with competitors since lower barriers to entry have opened a floodgate of online stores. We will help your brand conquest competitor traffic via distinctive differentiation and by deploying attractive offers that build strong consumer interest.

Build Consumer Mindshare

We understand the processes required to transform your brand into a household name that is remembered and searched for when customers are ready to convert. By deploying campaigns focused on building consumer mindshare, we will set up your brand for a sustained growth trajectory.

Malibu Parts

Case Study

From small beginnings to explosive growth, Max Connect helped Malibu Parts grow their revenue to nearly $1M in 2021 with sales on track to triple by the end of 2022. This was accomplished with an omni-channel approach guided by deep insights from our buisness intelligence software, Kudos.


Sales Growth in 2021


Revenue YoY 2021 to 2022 Compared

Hyper-Targeting Your Audience

Our Retail & ECOMMERCE Solutions

By using a true omni-channel approach, your digital marketing can provide a seamless experience to your customers.

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Brands That We've Helped Rise To The Top

We customize data-driven, performance solutions to help launch, scale, and invigorate businesses of all sizes, industries, and revenue models.

Big Electric Supply

Case Study

With a highly niche product selection, Big Electric Supply was struggling to target the right customers. Max Connect utilized Paid Search and Smart Shopping Campaigns to reach high-converting individuals and accelerate sales during the first half of 2022.


Attributable Conversions over 4 months


Increase In Website Traffic

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See for yourself the passion we pour into our work. Our creativity and expertise is unparalleled.

The money we are investing with Max Connect is one of the most productive spends we are making.

Ben Keating

Keating Auto Group

Their ability to drive car shoppers to our site and turn them into leads is a huge asset to our dealership. I highly recommend them.

Logan Page, Dealer Principal

Riverton Chevrolet

Not only has my web traffic skyrocketed, they have been really easy to work with. Communication has been excellent.

Mark Thackeray

3/4 of The Partners


Agency Insights

Go behind the scenes and discover the processes, strategies and insights that drive our creative, culture, and ultimately, our clients’ success.


Case Study

4Life wanted to capture new market share by selling direct to the consumer, as opposed to selling through distributors only. Amidst the pandemic, we recommended optimizing SEO and Ads on keywords related to “Immune System.” This resulted in a 346% increase in retail revenue, allowing them to achieve their highest-selling month of all time.


Increase In Retail Revenue over a 90-Day Period


Increase in Conversion Rate Via Paid Search

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