Jason Angle

Kudos Receives New Spotlight from MarTech Outlook. Kudos 2.0 On the Horizon.,

Kudos Receives New Spotlight from MarTech Outlook. Kudos 2.0 On the Horizon.

We are excited to announce that MarTech Outlook, the go-to source for marketing technology trends, has named Max Connect in their Top 10 Digital Solution Providers in the nation! The recognition was extended in light of our first-year successes with our proprietary business intelligence platform, Kudos. In the magazine release of the recognition, MarTech noted that Kudos “delivers enhanced visibility… [and] customer experiences tailored to their changing preferences.”

But this isn’t the first time Kudos has felt the spotlight. In August 2022, Michael Bürgi from Digiday observed that though Kudos “can be used for any number of clients, it’s worked well for automakers given their current challenges.” Bürgi classified Kudos as an optimization tool, believing that it might just help companies unveil the right balance of ad spend when sifting through digital complexities. Shortly after Bürgi’s remarks, Kudos was recognized as a Digiday Technology Awards Finalist in the Attribution Tech category. 

“Kudos is future thinking,” says Jared Haddock, VP of Marketing at Keto Chow, “it’s the ability to look at a single customer and see each one of their touch points along the way.” Just as Kudos has helped Haddock and many others map the future of their marketing, we now look to the future of Kudos with plans to release Kudos 2.0 later this year!

Most notably, Kudos 2.0 will be re-built from the ground up as we look to integrate GA4’s event-based model as a source for data. Zack Warren, the lead developer, says that “Kudos 2.0 will be a much more polished and complete version of what our vision for Kudos was and is.” That vision has always been to provide brands with smarter marketing decisions that derive from Kudos’ unique ability to map the entirety of customer journeys and provide aggregated analysis about consumer behavior. 

To learn more about Kudos, visit our website where you can request to have a free demo.