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Cynopsis Standout Winner: Zack Warren of Max Connect Digital

We are proud to announce that Zack Warren, Head of Development for Max Connect Digital (MCD) has been recognized as a Cynopsis Standout for his incredible work on the Kudos project!

Though many “Standouts” may be branded with a striking presence or widespread acknowledgement of their achievements, it is often those who quietly hustle behind-the-scenes that are responsible for producing truly spectacular work. Zack Warren is one of those individuals who lets his work do the talking. 

“Zack is a rare find. You don’t often find developers that are as business smart as Zack, but also know how to develop and write code the way he does. He is also very solution oriented and never focuses on the problem, as a business owner that is all you can ask for and Zack does it better than anybody I’ve met.”

Devin Deaton

Founder, Max Connect Digital

As a marketing agency, MCD is constantly monitoring the consumer behavior landscape to ensure that our clientele remain ahead of the curve. However, due to our eccentric approach in media buying, our clients required additional transparency on how their marketing dollars were actually influencing consumer behavior towards conversion. The problem was that an attribution tool capable of mapping customer journeys from ‘awareness’ to ‘conversion’ simply did not exist. That is until Zack Warren created the technology himself.

The development of Kudos, MCD’s attribution platform for tracking consumer behavior, placed Zack’s decade-worth of industry experience to the test. Zack assembled a team of developers, hand picking individuals who he believed possessed the critical thinking necessary for navigating the hurdles presented. Though Zack coded the majority of Kudos, he would humbly submit that every person on his team are equally deserving “Standouts” for their unique contributions to the project.

At his core, Zack is an astute innovator, especially during difficulties that almost suspended the entire Kudos project. Since Kudos aggregates data from a variety of sources, the application programming interface (API) is structured in the same formatting of the source. With Google’s Universal Analytics (UA) being the largest data provider for Kudos, it was apparent that the livelihood of Kudos was at stake when Google announced that they would be discontinuing UA and replacing it with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)–which presented an entirely new API for data collection. By the end of 2023, Kudos would become obsolete since its API would be incompatible with GA4. Zack decided that the best course of action would be to rebuild Kudos from the ground up, developing what we now call Kudos 2.0.

The development of Kudos 2.0 allowed Zack’s ingenuity to thrive as he worked tirelessly to perfect the technology. By Q4 2023, the software boasted an impressive list of features, including a “Kudos Score” that helps brands determine the current health of their digital economy at a glance. Of the 5 million conversions achieved in the past 12 months, we estimate that 1.4 million of those conversions are directly attributable to digital optimizations that Kudos helped our team identify.

Zack’s quiet hustle behind-the-scenes of Kudos 2.0 has generated thousands of actionable insights for our clients and has allowed MCD to outperform some of the biggest players in the industry.